Bumpstead Antiques'  "Great Antiques Trail" proving popular with participators

Bumpstead Antiques' "Great Antiques Trail" proving popular with participators

28/08/2018 06:22 PM by Graham

Bumpstead Antiques' "Great Antiques Trail" is proving popular with this year being a bumper year for those booking and embarking on the same and in the course of such, in addition to learning much about Antiques and the antiques trade per se,  those particpating achieving  substantial savings on their purchases and finds as a result of the advice given and the careful and professional negotiations entered into with the individual Dealers and Antiques Centres and outlets visited.

The many complimentary comments made reflect (inter alia) the enjoyment had by all those particpating, the careful planning, guidance and attention given and to top it all the money and time saved in having a professional, personal guide in attendance and on hand throughout the day. Congratulations and well done to all those attending and involved!

Isn't it time you booked ....  the Certifiicte for the Great Antiques Trail and subsequent embarkation makes a great and very special gift be it for Christmas, Anniversary or  Birthday celebration - see  our  "The Great Antiques Trail" page for further details or telephone direct on 07710 282329.

N.B. Don't worry the image shown above isn't reflective of the chauffeur driven vehicle in which you will be transported from location to location and you don't even have to dress up...!! 

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